The Jones® brand has been used on quality bronze products since 1892 soon after James Jones emigrated from England and settled in California. Valves were the predominant products of the James Jones Company until 1926 when it built its first bronze fire hydrant at the request of the Fire Chief of Monrovia, California. The Jones bronze wet barrel fire hydrant continues to be the preferred brand in most parts of California. Jones valves have grown into a complete line of bronze service goods used in water distribution systems throughout the Western United States.

In 2007, Jones bronze water service valves and fittings expanded and was made available to water purveyors throughout the country – North and South, East and West. To meet the greater demand for Jones products and to make them available from a more central location within the Continental US, manufacturing moved into much larger foundry and machining operations in Illinois, Tennessee and Alabama.

These state-of-the-art factories are operated by Mueller Water Products, Inc., the leading North American manufacturer and marketer of water infrastructure and flow control products. They are among the largest, most modern factories of their type, and are ISO 9001 compliant. This assures that existing and new purchasers of the Jones brand can rely upon a continuing source of quality water distribution valves, hydrants and fittings.